"Failure is the golden key to success

that everyone is afraid to use."

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-About Kevin - 

His quote "Failure is the golden key to success that everyone is afraid to use."

describes how people need to own who they are, and the results of decisions in their lives,  before they

can move on to a more peaceful, happier life.

Kevin started his  journey as an Advertising Account Executive, in a very high paced, cut-throat medium. Being in his early 20's he excelled at each position as he "climbed the proverbial corporate ladder." He was fast tracked by this company and made it all the way to the top position for Account Executives in Advertising, without a degree, without any prior experience, just pure will. He succeeded well beyond even some of the veteran's in his position (that didn't go over well), but hey for a mid-twenties kid at this point, what did it matter. $96,000 a year rolling in, no kids, no wife, a small ranch house with minimal overhead, low taxes, and a shit load of money to burn. Is this starting to sound like "The Hangover Movie" yet? Well fortunately for me it never got that far, but unfortunately for you that's where a lot of the fun stories end.

You see, Kevin was too young for this money, so most of it was wasted (I mean it WAS fun wasting it at times.) on alcohol, drugs and gambling. Fast forward a few years, and a relatively new job as a firefighter , Kevin's world came crashing down around him. He had a brand new baby daughter, a wife, a beautiful home in a prestigeous neighborhood, yet at 2:30am October 23rd, 2010, Kevin was pulled over for drinking and driving. You want to talk lowest of lows, anyone who's experienced this firsthand can tell you, it is the WORST. But, for Kevin, things didn't end there. While his dream job of firefighting was preserved, his drinking habits didn't go away. In December 2012, Kevin and his wife separated and eventually divorced. And then, on March 23rd, 2013, he was arrested for DUI once again. BOOM.

Kevin thought this was the end. The end of his dream job, the end of his life, this was the lowest of lows ANYONE could possibly reach. He thought he was going to lose visitation with his daughter... But that wasn't what the universe had planned for him.

In April 2013, Kevin began working on himself, focusing on his daughter and bringing her up with the best Dad that he could give her. She doesn't know it to this day, but she saved his life. She's the only reason he hung on. Thank god for her. Kevin started looking at life a little differently, approaching situations with a better mindset, got help for alcohol abuse, attended a few AA meetings, and had no problem admitting that he was wrong. He forgave himself for his wrongdoings, looked deep inside himself to see the real person he was, and has lived that life ever since. Kevin is now re-married to his beautiful wife, he has his daughter and now a step-daughter. They've created a beautiful home together and are living a happy, full life as a family. 

Kevin has MANY more life experiences, from funny stories to some serious "look deep into yourself" moments. Kevin will surely have your guests attention whether it be for a Business Motivational talk, a group session, one on one talks, MC'ing your event, and much more. Please reach out as availability can be limited.

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