Epi. 82 - "We Have ADD. Oh Look, a Carnival!"

Kevin, Sully and Crystal have a run in with their ADD tendencies in this episode. What was supposed to be an episode on personalities, turned out to be an episode about 100 other things. From Carnivals, to Disney World, they cannot seem to stay on track.

Kevin hates carnivals, and he doesn't hold back on why in this episode.

Kevin starts the episode talking about how it's the first time since Crystal, Sully and himself have done an episode together and how their work schedules have prevented them from getting together to record. Crystal has been busy with shifting work schedules, Kevin was in NYC and Sully has been working, basically two full time jobs. They start talking about odd deaths and how the crimes were committed, like the Jonbenet Ramsey case and a local missing girl from Kev and Sully's area, Britney Drexel, who went missing in Myrtle Beach about 10 years ago. Kevin thinks Jonbenet's parents killed her, while Crystal thinks they may have had something to do with it, but doesn't think they killed her. During all this discussion Sully tries to lead into a personality talk, but Kevin isn't having it yet. He finds what they are talking about very interesting. They move onto the recent variety of deaths in the Dominican Republic and how shady that seems, and then eventually somehow leads into talking about Carnivals. Get ready for this wild ride of an episode, because it takes many turns!

#carnivals #personalitiesofpeople #unsolvedmysteries #missingkids #dodgerdogs #saltedpretzels #doyoulikecrowds #canyoubesocial

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