Epi. 46 - It's a HardNox Life for Us

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Two of Las Vegas's BEST Dj's, "HardNox" visit the Podcast and fill in the crew on what it's like to live that Pool Party Life. As resident Dj's of the "Sapphire Pool and Day Club", their booth is full of hot girls & guys, 24/7. Must be a tough life!

Episode 47 - "It's a HardNox Life, For Us"

The crew welcomes special guests "HardNox", voted 2017 & 2018 Las Vegas Best DJ's by the Las Vegas Review Journal. Sunday evening Sapphire, where they DJ, was also voted as best day party in Las Vegas as well. Success hasn't come easily for these hard workers. Ramping things up by moving to Las Vegas in 2009, they entered into a city that's one of the most competitive party cities in the country. With acts such as Diplo, Skrillex, and Marshmellow they knew it wasn't going to be an easy road, but that didn't stop them. A few years back they woke up to an email from an ad agency in London, asking them to use their song "Pajamas All Day", for a GM commercial. They were surprised and excited as this all unfolded. Jimbo says it was hard to believe at first but they're actually good friends now, with the person that emailed them originally. The climb to success didn't stop there either. They continuously worked and made it into the Vegas Strip Club, "Sapphire", where they are the resident DJ's for the daily pool parties. They are frequently visited by mega porn stars, beautiful women and loads of fun. But don't be fooled by this... it's not all fun and games. After a day at the pool, they end up having to attending meetings, draw up new content for the week and get to their studio to work on more music. Sully admires that these guys appear to have a party lifestyle, but truthfully, they are very hardworking and driven by success. Crystal has known them personally for many years and she was happy to sit down with them and catch up a little again. Come meet the boys from "HardNox" and give them a shout next time you're in Vegas!

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