Epi. 84 - "Travers Beynon" 'The Candyman"

Travers Beynon was an amazing guest and Kevin & Sully were appreciative of him for taking time from his busy life to record this episode. Hellbound with Halos is THE VERY FIRST podcast Travers has ever done!

Travers Beynon lives the high life, having a wife and 5 girlfriends. (Yes, she's perfectly fine with it)

Travers Beynon was an amazing guest and Kevin & Sully were appreciative of him for taking time from his busy life to record this episode. Hellbound with Halos is THE VERY FIRST podcast Travers has ever done!

Travers is an Australian business owner and Managing Director of FREECHOICE, Australia’s number one tobacco franchise and vending operation, plus he's the owner of the Candy Shop Mansion. He goes by the persona “The Candyman”, and is a notorious playboy known for his extravagant lifestyle and wild parties.

Travers took an interest in AFL (Australian Football League) from an early age. At nine years old his parents would strap a football to his hands when he slept every night. In 1989 at 16 he was drafted to a North Melbourne team and became the youngest U19’s North Melbourne captain. His parents did not push his academics as he felt he would spend his life playing football. However, at age 17, he broke his back in a career ending football accident.

During his time playing football professionally, Travers was approached consistently by multiple modelling agencies, but it wasn’t until his major injury that he considered a career in modelling. A scout for America discovered him in Sydney and not long after he was signed to Elite Model Management in Miami Beach, Florida. He immediately packed his bags and moved to Miami in 1990 where his modelling career began.

During his modelling days, he was known as ‘The Hunter ‘due to the hunger he has. He was described as a lion – nothing would get in his way. His first modelling job was for Levi Jeans which was shot in Mexico. He then went on to shoot for large luxury brands like Versace, Moschino, Valentino, Paul Smith and Calvin Klein.

Travers was based in Milan and New York but was doing shows and photo shoots all over the over the world. He was earning between $2000 and $35,000 a day. He would take what he needed for rent and basic living expenses and send the rest home to his parents.

Travers has been throwing wild and extravagant parties for 22 years. His home, the Candy Shop Mansion is renowned for these parties which can regularly host up to 1500 guests, several DJ’s, performances and hundreds of beautiful half naked woman. It has been rumoured that these parties have budgets of up to $1 million plus. The Mansion boasts 15 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, a ballroom, a cinema, a large pool and a garage full of his branded car collection including a Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, G-Wagon and a Harley Davidson. Beynon has commented that his vision for Candy Shop Mansion was born over two decades ago. He was given the name ‘The Candyman’ by Australian media after he made headlines around the world for his ‘house parties’ which are held at the Candy Shop Mansion.

Beynon has a large social media presence and is regularly referred to in the media as the ‘King of Instagram’. With 800K followers on the social media outlet, he is infamous for pushing the boundaries with his photos and videos of his life at the Mansion.

Beynon made international headlines in 2015 for posting a photo of himself leading his wife, Taesha Beynon and his girlfriend at the time, Kristy Engelmann around his mansion’s driveway on what appeared to be ‘dog leashes’ but were actually the girls bikini straps. This made national news on “A current Affair” which launched his profile both in Australia and internationally.

Find Travers "The Candyman" and his epic "Candy Shop Mansion" at the links below:

Candy Shop Mansion - https://www.instagram.com/candyshopmansion/?hl=en

Travers Beynon – https://www.instagram.com/traversbeynonofficial/?hl=en

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT65Gg_f0wHZEi3r3RnP0JA

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/candyshopmansion/

Clothing Line - https://www.facebook.com/candymanclothing/

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