Epi. 39 - Can You Just Take a F'in Joke?

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Christy Monroe "The Stripper Comedian" makes a guest appearance for this episode. She talks about her path to success and how difficult being a comedian can be.

Christy Monroe "The Stripper Comedian" Guest Co-Hosts

In Episode 39 Kevin & Sully had a chance to meet Christy Monroe, "The Stripper Comedian". Christy has had much success in the comedy world, in a very quick time. She started out leaving her home at the very early age of 15 and becoming an emancipated minor at the age of 16 in Arizona. She began her college career then as well. With that experience she feels as though even being 18 years old, is too young to attend college because most kids haven't found themselves yet. Kevin starts right out asking how she got into comedy and obviously the name or idea behind what she does. Christy says that she had a failed marriage and moved to South Florida where she became a stripper about 3-4 years ago. She learned she was a great entertainer very quickly and realized she was capable of more, so she turned to the stand up comedian stage. She called herself "The Stripper Comedian" because that was what she talked about, stripping, and having fun with it. After the first few times of being on stage and not doing well, a few other comedian friends boosted her up and gave her advice on what and what not to do during an act. She heeded that advice and has success ever since. She travels the country now and does shows at all types of venues. She's even traveled as far as Hawaii to do shows. Christy discusses how hard it is to be in comedy with the pressures of telling jokes that may offend people. She talks about reverse racism being prevalent in the industry and how it shouldn't be that way. There are certain types of jokes for different people, and people need to realize that before walking into a show. She discusses a rough upbringing and how she ended up where she is at in her life now. Kevin & Sully talk a bit in regards to the most successful people are experts at failing and that shows a lot in a situation like Christy's. They briefly discuss the political climate and how that intersects with the comedy industry and how things need to change in society as a whole. You can find Christy Monroe at any of the following - @StripperComedian (Instagram), The Thong Therapist (Facebook & Twitter).

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