Epi. 43 - Pour Some Glitter On Me

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Ever wondered what exactly happens in the champagne room at a strip club? How about managing a bunch of strippers? Find that out and more... as well as, Kevin & Sully play a little 'Would You Rather?' with the girls...

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Kevin & Sully take on 3 Exotic Dancers

Kevin and Sully rounded up 3 strippers (Katrina Lee, Roxii Love & Ginger) that are local to their podcast. They all give a little bit of their backgrounds before getting into the "meat and potatoes" of the episode.

Katrina (A very young looking blonde) discusses how she danced at "Sundowner" in Niagara Falls, Canada, as well as, danced/managed at "Mademoiselle's" in Buffalo, NY. She got into the retail business shortly after, selling all sorts of dancer clothing, to strippers, in multiple clubs across Western NY. She's made many appearances in "Hustler" Magazine, Barely Legal Editions and much more. Katrina currently operates a store in "Playmates" in Byron, NY and is planning to expand her business nationwide, by working with a vendor to employ vending machine type systems in dance clubs. She also has a Radio show on rochesterfreeradio.com, the Tune In App, and the Armed Forces Network called, "Beyond The Pole".

Roxii Love (Kevin calls her Fun Size) is a short brunette with a great body and awesome personality. She danced for many years at local clubs, but when she got pregnant, she found a new passion in post pregnancy help for woman being a "doula". Roxii has a radio show called "Roxii Love's Radio Rebellion.

Ginger is a red head (very red, but obviously dyed), and pretty tall. She currently dances at Playmates in Byron, NY and says she loves it there. She calls it a very chill atmosphere and like no other dance club she's ever belonged to. Playmates is a fully nude club, but they do not serve alcohol because they are fully nude.

The boys get right into it with the girls about how strip club life is, clientele, and some of the experiences they have all had. Sully asks about the clubs atmosphere nowadays and some of the dealings with other dancers within the clubs. Kevin talks about how Sully left a buddy outside at Sundowner once, and how him and some buddies were at a bachelor party once and one of his friends made change from the money on the ground by the dancers and just about got tackled. The girls talk a bunch about Playmates and how its a very interactive club and being a fully nude cabaret, they can do sexual performances for the patrons. Katrina says there is even a shower area there where you can wash the girls in the shower. They move on to play some "Would You Rather" and have some fun talking about whether they would do one thing or another, depending on the question. We won't get into that here, as you'll just have to listen!

Visit Playmates Facebook Page at - https://www.facebook.com/Playmates.ny/

They are located in Byron, NY - A FULLY NUDE Cabaret

Visit Katrina Lee's Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/Katrina-Lee-596007290733980/

Visit Roxii Love's Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/RoxiiLoveFanPage/

Visit Ginger at Playmates!

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