Epi. 49 - Two Royals and a Carny Walk into a Bar...

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

The crew welcomes "Psychic Greg Stanley" back to the show! Greg is now officially their resident psychic and goes in depth on what/who each host used to be in their past life.

Special Guest Psychic Greg Stanley joins the crew

"Greg the Psychic" joins the crew once again. To connect with Greg (he does them any which way possible) go to http://www.tarottimepsychic.com/ and get a reading... You won't regret it!

Greg is always a pleasure to have on. Kevin refers to Greg as their "resident psychic" and Greg loves the sound of that. This was his second appearance with Kevin, Sully & Crystal. Only this time, he was there to tell them what or who "they used to be" in a past life. The theory is that a soul never dies, just the body does, and that soul lives on for eternity through other bodies. The things you learn from a past life are carried on into your current life, and you have the ability to change them for the better, with the knowledge you have from your previous existence. Kevin isn't too happy to learn he was a "carny", while Sully & Crystal were royalty. Well, Sully was for most his past life, Crystal finds out she was a nun in one of her lives. Haha. They get real deep into why and who they were and how that possibly carried into their current lives. Greg the Psychic NEVER disappoints! If you get a chance to have him do a reading for you, DO IT!

To wrap up the episode Kevin brings up the Ancient Chinese Proverb, "Red Thread of Fate", and how we're ALL connected to each other somehow. And also how people need to trust their instincts surrounding decision making, not what their emotions tell them to do.

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