Project LeanNation - Business Spotlight Episode #10

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Tim Dougherty, owner and founder of "Project LeanNation" sits down with the boys in the first in person interview. Tim explains how his company can assist everyday people in meeting their nutritional goals.

Tim Dougherty of Project LeanNation with Kevin and Sully

We took this one on the road! Kevin and Sully had their very first "on location" podcast recording with Tim Dougherty, Owner of Project LeanNation.

What started out as a favor for buddies, brewed into a successful business venture. Tim started out making meals out of his home. He had freezers lined up in his garage to hold the food. It most certainly didn't take long for him to outgrow that! Tim now has stores in 4 metropolitan areas and is looking to expand into 2 or 3 more. Tim discusses how, while his business is nutrition, it's a lot more than that. "You're part of a community here. This is so much more than food. We have people that come in to pick up their boxes on Sundays... Some are crying, some cheering, but it's all about the support network we've built." And that he most certainly has. He realized, early on, that everyone has a different goal and his most common patrons are the everyday normal people, looking to lose some weight. "I figured it would have been more of the athletes and bodybuilding types that came in, but in a very short time, I realized people from all walks of life took this in", states Tim. Kevin & Sully talk with him about how owning a business can be tough, and only the strong survive. They talk about all aspects of business from starting, to growing, to what is truly the definition of success. "Patience is key", says Kevin. "It's like planting a tree, the tree won't grow if you don't let it take it's time and keep it watered." Sully and Tim both agreed. Sully talks about how he used Project Lean Nation for a 3 month span to drop some weight. He spoke of how great the meals tasted, the variety, as well as, how great it worked for him.

This episode is FULL of knowledge. Not just about nutrition, but it tended to encompass almost everything we encounter in business life and personal life. Kevin and Sully had a tough time deciding whether this should be a regular Podcast episode, or stick to the original idea of releasing it as a Business Spotlight Series Episode. Enjoy!

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