Epi. 48 - I Ain't Fraid of No Ghost

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

In this Halloween Special, Mike & Lish from Paranormal Punchers Podcast, join Kevin & Sully for a spookier episode where they discuss paranormal activity. One of the stories they talk of is the ghost of Jennie Wade and the Jennie Wade death house in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Paranormal Punchers talks about some of their experiences

Be prepared to be SPOOKED!

In a special Halloween episode, Kevin & Sully invited the Podcast "Paranormal Punchers" to join them. Paranormal Punchers are a podcast on all platforms and they discuss/investigate weird happenings from the Sasquatch to Spirits. Mark & Alicia talked about how they made a trip to Gettysburg, PA to investigate the home of Ginnie Wade. She was the only civilian to be killed during the Civil War. She was in her home and hit by a stray bullet. Legend has it that her spirit still thrives there, and Paranormal Punchers tell the guys a little about what they found when they went there. Kevin mentions that they live near the "Rolling Hills Asylum" and how that it super haunted. Alicia and Mark agreed that it would be cool to go there and Kevin suggested that they call them if they ever go, and they'll meet up with them for the experience. Mark talks about his dream to go to the "Skinwalker Ranch" in Utah. The ranch, located in west Uintah County bordering the Ute Indian Reservation, was popularly dubbed the UFO ranch due to its ostensible 50-year history of odd events said to have taken place there. Knapp and Kelleher cite the 1974 book The Utah UFO Display: A Scientist's Report by Frank Salisbury and Joseph "Junior" Hicks, which details an earlier investigation into alleged UFO sightings in the Uintah County region, as partial confirmation of their account. According to Kelleher and Knapp, they saw or investigated evidence of close to 100 incidents that include vanishing and mutilated cattle, sightings of unidentified flying objects or orbs, large animals with piercing red eyes that they say were not injured when struck by bullets, and invisible objects emitting destructive magnetic fields. Among those involved were retired US Army Colonel John B. Alexander who characterized the NIDSci effort as an attempt to get hard data using a "standard scientific approach". However, the investigators admitted to "difficulty obtaining evidence consistent with scientific publication." Cattle mutilations have been part of the folklore of the surrounding area for decades, but NIDSci founder Robert Bigelow's purchase of the ranch and investigation funding was reportedly the result of his being convinced by stories of mutilations that included tales of strange lights and unusual impressions made in grass and soil told by the family of former ranch owner Terry Sherman. Mark mentions that they really enjoy investigating all sorts of weird things from sasquatch to even UFO's! Mark & Alicia were fun guests with some interesting stories that we hope you enjoy! Be sure to visit their links below, and check out Marks Comic Book on their website as well!

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