Epi. 88 - "National Fire Radio"

Kevin & Sully were joined this week by Rob & Jeremy of "National Fire Radio".

"Solid Brothers Doing Solid Brother Things"

Kevin & Sully were joined this week by Rob & Jeremy of "National Fire Radio". The slogan for their show is "Solid Brothers Doing Solid Brother Things". Kevin loves the saying and the meaning behind it. National Fire Radio captures the essence of the culture in today's firehouses. They have had notable firefighters & officers on their show to talk about all things in the fire service and they're attempting to make a cultural change in the fire service world by connecting with firefighters through modern technology (Podcasting).

Kevin asks why they started the show, what they enjoy most about creating episodes and so on. They drift into talks about how society is currently and what we can do as people to make change effectively and some strategic ways to start doing so. Rob talks a bit about their "On Tap" events, where they gather 100's of firefighters together to train over beers. This is right in Sully's wheelhouse. It's a great way to network and meet new people, and learn from some of the best in the fire service.

Kevin & Sully are looking forward to getting to one of their events soon, as well as, taking in some more of their podcast in the future.

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