Epi. 47 - Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Kevin & Sully tackle the idea of winning the Mega Millions. They talk about how to go about life after winning, what to do with the winnings and how to best deal with the legalities. In a fun way of course.

Episode 47 - "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems"

The Mega Millions Lottery, which spans 44 states, was drawn this week. Kevin and Sully discuss what they would do with the money and the best ways to go about handling it, once you've won. But they start by talking about the people from Honduras coming through Mexico with the intentions of entering the United States of America. That doesn't sit well with most Americans. The fact that these people are carrying their flag and using women and children as scapegoats for their mission, proves that they have other things in mind. President Trump has already stated that he will send troops to the border to stop the 4,000-5,000 people herd. By technical terms, this would be considered an "invasion" of America. The crew put out a post on social media asking their followers if they would be for or against lethal action for these people. A majority of the votes were for lethal action, while some people determined that non-lethal force may be the way to go, to protect the women and children. They discuss this topic for a bit before moving on to the World Series. Kevin is an Atlanta Braves fan since he was a kid. He's happy the Dodgers made it to the Series because they beat his Braves in the playoffs and he doesn't like the team that beat his, to lose the next round. So they talked about the World Series some and then on to the main topic of winning the 1.6 Billion Dollar Mega Millions lottery. Sully says he would segregate himself for awhile until he formed a legal team. That would include not even telling his own MOTHER! Kevin said he would tell family, so they wouldn't be mad at him, but he would also segregate himself and form a legal team. They'd buy yachts, helicopters and private jets to take them wherever, whenever they wanted. Sully would build a ranch with race horses and Kevin would build a mansion, someplace close to "things" because he doesn't like being far away from the store. They talk about marriage after winning, building Hellbound with Halos Podcast to a worldwide thing and so much more. What would you do with almost a Billion dollars?? Listen in and see if any of what Kevin and Sully would do, match yours.

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