Lunar Ground Shop - Business Spotlight Episode #8

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Felicia and Mary started the Lunar Ground Shop in an effort to broaden awareness of veganism, through the sales of apparel, across the country. If you're a Vegan, check em out.

Felicia from Lunar Ground Shop says, "Eat plants, not friends."

In their eighth Business Spotlight Series Episode, Kevin and Sully had "Lunar Ground Shop" stop by. Lunar Ground Shop is operated by Felicia and Mary, partners, down in Southern Florida. They are an e-commerce based business for now, but always looking to expand. The shops sole purpose is to bring awareness of the Vegan Community and get people talking about it more. Felicia discusses how they are very passionate about the environment and animals, and they make contributions from their sales to animal sanctuaries across the country. Mary is the creative end of the business, she creates all of the designs for any of the merchandise they sell. They started their business in January of 2018 and look forward to continuing to grow their business and awareness to their cause. They both have been Vegans for a few years now and explain that the "Vegan Lifestyle", is commonly misinterpreted as a "diet" but want everyone to know that it's truly a lifestyle. Felicia says that its encompasses pretty much everything from food, to toiletries, to pretty much anything that could be made with anything from food, or tested on animals. Mary says they both work extremely well together and this helps make for a successful venture. Go visit their store on and help the cause by purchasing products. You can find them on Instagram @veganwives and Vegan Wives on Facebook!

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