Epi. 32 - Learn to Accept Failure, Cuz Pimpin' Ain't Easy

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

They're talking about failure today and how it's viewed as negative in society. Kevin brings up his personally made up quote, "Failure is the Golden Key to Success that everyone is afraid to use". You have to fail, in order to succeed.

Failure is the golden key to success, that everyone's afraid to use.

Intro - Kevin bring up the Mascot naming promotion they have going on right now on www.hwhpodcast.com and to go submit a suggestion. If the name you've suggested is picked, you win a badass prize package including items from Sponsors K Bar Soap Co & Woodburned Warriors. He also reminds Hellbound Nation of the FREE decal packs that they will send to you just by going to their website and clicking the "decal" menu option and adding your info. Kevin sends them out quick, so if you want to show your support and get some awesome decals, go to the website.

In this Episode, Crystal rejoins the cast after taking a week off to support her friend in a bodybuilding show. The crew hits on a few small topics to start, such as Sully talking about another interesting story from his vacation to Maine and Kevin doesn't hold back on talking about how he fell out of the shower at 2am the other night. (He won't blame the Tito's Vodka for that). Crystals son can be heard in the background for a few minutes of the show and she puts an end to that, haha. Hey, we got kids, it happens.

Crystal brings up the Thailand soccer team trapped in the cave and how rescues are still occurring. They discuss how difficult and dangerous it must be to make those rescues and what they entail. They also wonder why anyone would venture almost 2 miles into a cave for fun... She also talks about the recent poisoning in the UK with the Russian Double Agent and his daughter and what the motive may be behind that. Don't mess with Russia. They'll poison you.

Off the Thailand topic they all start discussing the Red Light districts and how much a prostitute would cost as well as how it would be to operate as a pimp of prostitutes. Crystal says she'd take 50% of the cut and Kevin would go 20% hoping to depend on volume and quality of prostitutes. Sully says that Kevin's ho's would probably be the ones servicing politicians and high class people. He also goes on to say he'd bling up a badass pimp cup if he were ever a pimp. (We think he is). They talk about the "lady boys" in Thailand and how they aren't as prominent in Bangkok as they are in Pattaya. Watch out for them if you ever decide to venture into the Red Light District in Pattaya, if you're not into that type of thing.

Then they get on a more serious note talking about failure and how failure is viewed as negative in society. Kevin brings up his personally made up quote, "Failure is the Golden Key to Success that everyone is afraid to use". Crystal was taken back a little by Kevin's wisdom in that saying, but they continue to talk about how failure is such a good thing to have happen and how to use it to grow and learn. Some of the most successful people in the world are professionals at failing because they have failed over, and over, and over again. Society needs to change its viewpoint, as a whole, on failure.

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