Epi. 44 - Who Needs 'Ask Polly', When You Can Ask Hellbound?

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

For the first time in their podcasting history, the crew spends some time answering questions of advice submitted by listeners. Need them to give you some advice? Ask them here... www.hwhpodcast.com/hellboundnation (You will remain confidential)

Hellbound with Halos answers your questions of advice

Crystal doesn't realize we're recording, once again, and starts the show off talking about her trip to the apple orchard this past weekend. Kevin & Sully mention that they also have an apple festival near them but neither went to it. Kevin opens by mentioning a Facebook post that interested him, in regards to questioning people that if they owned their own island, what would be the one law they would create? They went through some of those responses and talked about each one briefly, before giving their own opinions on laws they would create. Then.... Kevin fires things up by asking the crew their thoughts on the Judge Kavanaugh hearings. Crystal is a bit dumbfounded as she has experienced this in the past and chose not to say anything. Her belief is that if you choose not to say anything after something happens, then you stick to that choice. And vice versa, if you do say something, don't recant your accusation. Kevin discusses how its obviously all politically motivated and it's a hard story to form an opinion on because of that. Sully agrees. Kevin also mentions the question of, when has it been 'too long' to come forward with an accusation. Sully talks about the statute of limitations, and how some circumstances have no limits. They go over the different crimes that have no time limits.

Then they turn into advice givers. For the first time ever, Hellbound with Halos opened up their social media flood gates and asked their followers to send them annonymous questions of advice. They got a lot of great questions, and surprisingly, gave out some great advice! They're considering doing this type of thing once a month now, but it'll all depend on participation. Watch for an area or 'drop box' on their website soon, for annonymous advice questions that will be answered on a show, once per month. Possibly.

They wind down the episode with Crystal shooing a fly away so hard, she falls over and Sully is concerned for her safety. Forget "Ask Polly"... ask Hellbound.

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