Epi. 42 - Hey Probst, Let's get EJ Snyder on Survivor Already!

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

EJ Snyder joins as a guest co-host and talks about his survival skills, some of his toughest challenges to date, as well as, Kevin and Sully trying to get Jeff Probt's attention to get EJ on Survivor.

Survivalist & Army Veteran EJ Snyder

Wow was this an incredible episode! Kevin & Sully were lucky enough to sit down with the one and only, EJ "Skullcrusher" Snyder. A 25 year military veteran, survivalist, 3 appearances on the TV Hit Show "Naked and Afraid", Dual Survival and a motivational speaker, EJ, has carved his place in history as being one of the BEST survivalists in the WORLD. With his kickass attitude, nothing can stop this man. Kevin & Sully begin by welcoming EJ to the show and asking a little about his history in survival. EJ goes on to tell some stories about his time on naked and Afraid, as well as, Dual Survival. EJ has always had a passion for the hit reality show "Survivor" and even made it to the final casting to be chosen... but unfortunately, the past coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Jimmy Johnson, was selected over him. Booooo... who likes the Cowboys anyway?? EJ still loves the show and would jump at a chance to be a cast member. Hence our title, reaching out to Jeff Probst, to get him on the show. EJ has so much knowledge he shares in this episode, some of which you may not have even thought about doing in the wild. He talks about some of his most dangerous encounters in Africa including run ins with Bull Elephants and Hippos. Kevin asks what he was most afraid of all time, and EJ says that in the wild, you really can't get scared. He says that animals and predators can smell fear, so it's best to tuck that away and be prepared for whatever may come at you. EJ also touches on the 3 most important things to maintain psychologically as well as the 4 things you need to survive anywhere. We'd like to thank EJ for taking time out of his busy life to meet with us, and Probst.... Let's Get EJ on Survivor finally!!!!

Visit EJ's website at www.ejsnyder.com

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