Epi. 50 - The Truth Series Part I

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Is voting manupulated? Is the moon real? Did the Twin Towers collapse because of the planes? Do airplanes really spray us? Find out some interesting takes on many of these topics in our first ever, Conspiracy Theories Episode!

This episode will have you thinking. Shred "the conspirator" joins the crew!

In their newest release, Kevin & Sully invited a friend to the studio for some conspiracy discussion. They call him "Shred" to not only keep him annonymous, but also because he shreds through a lot of mysteries surrounding our government, the deep state, and more. There are a ton of different theories out there surrounding events that have occurred in our country. They begin discussing how "Shred" started investigating different stories and situations. It all began back when he was a kid riding in a car in Vermont. He noticed a triangle in the sky, a UFO, that was very quiet but apparent. Then, suddenly, it took off into the sky. There was no glow from it, but a really loud roar. Later on, he found out it was the military testing the Stealth bomber. It surprised him how well the government kept that a secret. Sully brings up how in the past people thought the theory behind having an Air Force was odd and now we're seeing the same thing today with people thinking its odd that President Trump created a "Space Force". Things really spiked Shreds curiousity after September 11th, 2001. While he didn't want to believe it was anything else other than a terrorist attack, many different things pointed to something else. So he began investigating on his own. "Shred" lost a close FDNY friend on that day, and he prefaces that his beliefs of the 09/11 tragedy do not downplay or disrespect to the lives lost. It was still a tragedy. Kevin asks about the pancake collapse of the World Trade Center and "Shred" explains how it's just not possible through physics. He said, "Those towers, especially the North tower, fell at free fall speed. If you dropped a bowling ball off the roof at the same time as the collapse, both would hit the ground at the same time. And that doesn't just 'happen' with this type of structure, without some sort of assistance." He also talks about how jet fuel is no more than kerosene and it just doesn't burn hot enough to melt steel. Kevin brings up Chemtrails and the idea behind them with how they're used for weather manipulation, war assistance and more. They all discuss the 'secret societies' such as The Deep State, and how they actually control the world. Shred talks of how they are comprised of the wealthiest people in the world and that's not the people from the lists you see in the media... it's a whole nother faction of people that are 10 times as rich as those. The Illiuminati, the Kabul, the Skull and Bones and more, are those organizations that are all 'The Deep State'. Before wrapping up Kevin asks Shred about the moon and if it's real. Shred explains that the moon is indeed real, it's there, but it's also man made. Interesting huh? Tune in to this episode and prepare to hear some interesting facts. Keep an open mind. What "Shred" talks about can be found in a multitude of places, but you can start with the links below.

CIA - https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/

FBI - https://vault.fbi.gov/unexplained-phenomenon

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