BSH Gunworks - Business Spotlight Episode #6

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Jose, owner and CEO of BSH Gunworks, joins Kevin & Sully to talk about the Cerakote process, how he got into making and designing custom guns for people and more.

BSH Gunworks owner and CEO, Jose, explains the process of customizing and cerakoting guns.

Kevin and Tom invited their friend Jose, who is a police officer for a local municipality and owns BSH Gunworks, on for this edition of the Business Spotlight. Jose talks about what "BSH" means in his company title as well as how he got started. He says it all started when we began doing stuff for himself "for fun". He admits he messed up a bunch, but when we finally perfected the process of Cerakote and holster molding, he started up his business. Through a lot of word of mouth, he's successfully grown his business. He states that because of the lack of people doing this in the Rochester, NY area, he has a niche. Jose describes one of his favorite designs on a rifle as well as going to actual "Cerakote" school inn Oregon to become a "Certified Cerakoter". You can find any of his work on his social media (Facebook, Instagram) @bshgunworks or his website Got a gun that you want a specific design in mind? Definitely check his work out!

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