Kevin & Sully co-founded Hellbound with Halos Podcast Mid February 2018.

They invited Lauren "The Hot Cop" to join them as a co-host to the crew.

They had a vision in mind to bring real, relatable content for people to listen to. 

The ultimate goal  is to give Firefighters, Police, EMS workers and Veterans content to take their minds off every day stresses and to connect with all different people  from across the country.

"We hope our Podcast is a place people can go to weekly, whether they're having a good week or a bad week,

can have a laugh, relate to our lives, and connect with our content."

Hellbound with Halos is comprised of 2 Firefighters and a Law Enforcement Officer. We are currently one of the very few, easily relatable, podcasts streaming on the internet. Our show varies from the times of sitting around a

mid-summer campfire with friends, to the craziness of a hectic, day to day work flow.

We hit it all.

We say what your thinking and we'll probably go to hell for it. But we'll be wearing our halos the whole way down.

You can come and listen to other perspectives, from ordinary people, on a variety of topics.

We interview celebrities from time to time and give listeners a chance to listen their stories through us.

We are broadcast on EVERY Podcast App including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Google Play

and our YouTube Channel.  The Podcast is a production by VoiceCloud Productions, LLC, with copyright.

New episodes release weekly, on any Podcast Platform.

Meet the Hosts & Co-hosts!




Kevin loves women, and the women love Kevin. He's a New Yorker with old school southern charm and a smile that has the girls swooning as soon as they meet him. He loves to travel and see new places. Kevin once spent 6 hours on a BlackJack table in Vegas with Sully. When he's not working on the podcast, he's managing the social media for the podcast, editing the podcast and working with publicists to get new guests for the podcast.

In his real life, he is a Firefighter.

Many people have had the pleasure to meet Sully at local watering holes and experience his full delight. In his spare time, he is a master dog walker. Legend has it, that during his school days, you could find him on the dodge ball courts, putting kids in their place. He also enjoys doing hot yoga in the nude, while eating spaghetti. Sully is currently on hiatus as he had his first child. 





Lauren, "LoNo", is a spit fire blonde with a smile that makes men drop to their knees, and eyes that'll finish them off. Her type A personality shines through in every episode and if you're a man with a set, we dare you to approach her. She's a true bad ass that doesn't take anyone's shit, nor should she. In her real life she's a Law Enforcement Officer, that'll cuff you and stuff you before you can even ask to call your mom for help. Lauren joins Kevin when time permits.


Crystal is a bombshell blonde from the west coast state of California. Don't let her eyes fool you though, she's as smart as she is beautiful. Crystal enjoys spending a majority of her time on PornHub, always looking for new porn to talk about on the show. When she's not hanging with Kev & Sully, she's  eatin' tacos, shootin' guns and raising holy hell. Go ahead and try her, we dare ya.

In her real life, she works for a Law Enforcement Agency.  Crystal hasn't been on in over a year due to health reasons.



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